How To Prepare For Maths JEE Main Advanced Exams

Mathematics is considered as the toughest subject in JEE main and Advanced exam. In this post I’ll tell you How to Prepare For Maths JEE Main Advanced Exams. The Toughness level of Maths paper is higher than that of Physics or Chemistry. In this article i have given a brief idea for the preparation of Mathematics.

So Here is How a Student aiming to score good in JEE Main & Advanced Maths paper should Prepare For Maths JEE Main Advanced Exam.

Prepare For Maths JEE Main Advanced Exams

1.Time to Devote:

Prepare For Maths JEE Main Advanced Exams requires a lot of practice. You need to spend atleast 2 hours daily for solving different types of problems. You need not to for very tough problems but go for almost every type of questions.

Prepare For Maths JEE Main Advanced Exams

2. Recommended Books:

1. NCERT Maths books: You will find some of the jee main questions directly or with Prepare For Maths JEE Main Advanced Examschanged data from NCERT. So you must solve all the questions in example, exercise and additional exercise without exception. Most of the students solve NCERT only once. But for JEE Main preparation you can mark some questions which you feel tricky and solve while revising for JEE.




2. NCERT Exemplar : This is yet another book having question similar to NCERT this is very helpful in the Exam.

Prepare For Maths JEE Main Advanced Exams

3. Arihant JEE Main : This book is a collection of large nPrepare For Maths JEE Main Advanced Examsumber of questions and most of the questions are of different type. So this book is the main practice book required for jee main. You may also use some other book for practice instead but it should have large number of questions with not so much of difficulty level. In JEE Main Maths paper test is of speed and application not of knowledge and high level concepts.




4. Previous year OBJECTIVE questions of IIT Screening and AIEEE.These questions are very helpful as concepts used in these questions may be repeated in the exam.

Prepare For Maths JEE Main Advanced Exams

3. How to Study Maths for JEE Main

Try to grasp the concepts well focus on understanding the topic and concepts involved. Solve NCERT and Exemplar first, this will give you understanding of the topic and a little bit of speed. Now start with the Arihant Maths book for JEE Main, Solve each and every question without devoting much time. If you are not able to solve a question in 10-15 minute see the solution. Try to remember as many results as possible this will give you speed while solving question.

Try a self mock test of 1 hour with 30 question with negative marking every week.

4. Easy Topics

Normally these topics asked in JEE Main are easy

  • Calculus
  • Algebra
  • Co-Ordinate Geometry
  •  3D and Vectors

You should have very good preparation of these topics and should attempt all the questions from these topics. This will help you score good even if overall paper of mathematics in JEE Main is tough.


By Following the above Preparation tips you can easily Prepare For Maths JEE Main Advanced Exams and can score very good marks in Maths Paper.






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