How to score Above 90 in Board exams

How to score Above 90 in Board exams. Scoring above 90 or 90 plus marks in Board exams is not a big task. One can easily score this much score easily by just putting some extra efforts. The all it needs is little hard-work daily and make it a routine. The only thing that makes it possible to score 90 plus marks in Board exams is the dedication towards study. That means one should be dedicated to study and one should know how to work hard in little time. You can call it smart work instead of hard work. This is the main strategy to score more than 90 marks in board exams.

Here we are providing some tips that can help board students willing to score more than 90 marks in board exams full-fill their dream. 


How to score Above 90 in Board exams

  1. Make a Time table for studying: Make a time table for your study and study daily according to that time table. You can not study every subject daily so make a smart time table so that you study every subject atleast 7-8 hours a week. Don’t forget to revise the studied things on Saturday and Sunday.
  2. Follow NCERT strictly: NCERT textbooks must be followed strictly if you wish to score a very good score in board exams. And also NCERT is the best book for the preparation of all competitive exams, Mostly all the experts suggest following NCERT textbooks to crack the competitive exams. Exemplar books also should be followed as most of the questions in board exams are asked from the examples, numerical, chapter end questions and exemplar questions.
  3. Practice some Reference books : After studying NCERT books, one should also solve the problems from some reference books also. This helps to make the concept more clear to you. Solving the problems from other reference books makes you more confident and your concepts get thoroughly revised.
  4. Make Notes for Revision: When the concept is clear to you and you have solved enough problems on that concept and you are confident about the topic, make some notes of that topic according to your needs. Don’t copy Notes from someone, make Notes according to your need and revise them once a week.
  5. Solve Sample Papers & Model Test papers: After completing a chapter go for practice papers and solve them. Also solve the sample papers, Model test papers and Previous year’s papers. This will make you confident and also you understand the pattern of questions in the exam. CBSE Sample papers should be solved only after you have completed the whole syllabus. So one should practice Sample papers and Previous year’s papers from December to February. 

Tips from Author: 

  • Before one month of exams, study perfectly according to the Blue Print given by the board, that helps you to master the questions that have more probability to come in exams.
  • Don’t be tensed for exams, Being tensed already subtracts your 10-15 marks(Tension diverts mind from studying and focusing at exam time) so how will you score above 90, so be Happy and confident.
  • Take care of your health as healthy mind lies in healthy body.

How to score Above 90 in Board exams