Can we do two degrees simultaneously in India

Can we do two degrees simultaneously in India

Can we do two degrees simultaneously in India,  this questions arises in the minds of many people. Well that arose in my mind too. I searched about it on the Internet. Searched on different Government authorities’ websites like UGC, AICTE etc. And i got the answer for this question after a long research on the topic.

Well the answer is NO, we can’t do two degrees simultaneously. 

Can we do two degrees simultaneously in India

Students cannot undertake two regular degrees, says UGC

The University Grants Commission (UGC) on January 19 2016  said that its consultations related to allowing students to pursue two degrees simultaneously so far have not received a positive response.

In a notice posted on its website, UGC said that it had sought the comments of statutory councils but the responses so far do not endorse the idea of allowing students to pursue two degrees simultaneously.

“Therefore, the Universities shall conduct their programmes in accordance with the First Degree and Master Degree Regulations, 2003 prescribed by the UGC and also follow the norms and parameters prescribed by the Statutory Council concerned, wherever relevant,” the notice signed by UGC Secretary Jaspal S Sandhu said.

Here is the link where you can see the official NOTICE for

Clarification on Allowing Students to Pursue two Degree Simultaneously

The Notice clearly says the above mentioned thing. Screenshot (365)


A man was also not sure about taking admission in two course simultaneously. He so I filed RTI under MHRD to UGC
Got a reply from them.

Date of Action : 31/07/2015
Reply :- UGC has not framed any policy/norms on pursuing two degrees/diplomas/certificates simultaneously either through regular/distance mode/part-time mode from the same university or different universities. However, the matter is under consideration of the commission as and when finalized the decision will be posted on UGC website
Here is screenshot of reply


We can not do this even on distance education mode.

Two Degree are not allowed but

Two diploma, two certificate,  one degree one certificate more. Is legal

Check out this link:

Here is the screenshot.

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