How to get above 50 marks in CBSE maths if you are weak in calculus

How to get above 50 marks in CBSE maths if you are weak in calculus

This post is for those people who are weak in calculus part in maths 12th class. But want to score more than 50 in maths board exam.

My target is to obtain 50 out of 100 in CBSE class 12 maths. I am weak in calculus. How can i achieve this?

Here is the AnswerIf you dont know calculus, still you can get 50 marks in maths. You need not to worry about this. But dont leave it, in calculus you can also solve some of the questions by studying only the particular topics that are obvious to come in exam.

You can easily get 50 marks in maths. No problem that you are weak in calculus. If you know differentiation, practice it, one or two question of 4 marks come from it and if you know only the basic you can do it. If your integration is weak leave indefinite integrals, study definite integrals, one question from applications of integrals unit comes in 6 marks you can easily solve it just practice some question. You can also solve diffrential equations one 4 mark question cimes from it & there is a lot of chance of previous years questions or NCERT questions in this part.
So yo can score near 20/44 in calculus.

One question from Relations & functions comes in 4 marks.For this solve the last exercise of NCERT & practice some more previous yeat questions to get the concepts cleared.
Frim Inverse trigonometric function, just remember some formulas so that you can start a question’s solution, and practice some questions. You will get brief idea of that unit also.

Practice the LPP last exercise on NCERT book one 6 mark question comes from this unit and is very easy to solve.

Two 4 mark questions come from probability you need to practice the Baye’s theorem, one of them is from it.the other one is also easy if you have gone through the questions of probability.

One 6 marks question is asked from matrix and most of the time it is to find the inverse of the matrix and it is very easy most if the students kniw how to do this.

Also learn the properties of determinants one 4 mark question comes from it. Try to solve the question if not possible just apply the formulas and do some calculation, always remember that there is step marking in CBSE. So dont worey about the final answer.

One question of 4 marks comes from vector & 3D and you can also solve it by practising.

The main thing you need to remember if you want to get only 50/100 in maths is that thete is step wise marking in CBSE so dont worry about the answers, just apply the formulas and start calculations. You will get marks easily.